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Are you looking for temporary cover in a primary, secondary school, college or university in the West-Midlands area? Do you require cover for a few days up to a couple of weeks? You have come to the right agency. TwithA agency supplies teachers and TAs for temporary periods of time, up to 2 weeks. This temporary solution is suitable for schools that require cover for five days a week or less than five days for a couple of weeks. The rate we charge schools for temporary solution is cost-effective and does not affect the quality of the service our supply staff provide.

General Cover

  • > Any Subject
  • > Any School Envirenment
  • > Anywhere in the West-Midlands
  • > Affordable & Negotiable rates


  • > French Specialist
  • > Spanish Specialist
  • > Maths (SEN)
  • > History (SEN)
  • > English (SEN)

General Assistant

  • > Any Subject
  • > Any School Envirenment
  • > Anywhere in the West-Midlands
  • > Affordable & Negotiable rates

Finding the right candidate for your cover

We do not just send any candidate to fulfil your cover needs. At TwithA, we ensure that we send the right candidate that meets the requirements of the job. If you require an experienced teacher of English, for instance, we will look at our candidate profiles and send you the ones that meet your needs: a teacher of English with at least three years of experience. If you require a teacher of Maths with experience working in a SEN school, we will send you profiles of math teachers who have experience working in a SEN school environment.

  • Short Term Hiring
  • Last Minute Hiring
  • Long-term Hiring
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Short Term Hiring

This option is a popular choice from our clients. Permanent staff can fall ill and whatever the reason,.

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Last Minute Hiring

Often a school will contact us and require cover at the last minute, and that is absolutely fine.

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Long-term Hiring

This option is the most popular solution.

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Service Advantages

Using TwithA services has many advantages:

  • Qualified Candidates

    Our candidates are qualified to teach and have at least 3 years of experience.

  • Save You Money

    Our rates are the lowest in the West-Midlands but don't just take our word for it, check for yourself.

  • Any School environment

    TwithA caters for different school environments, from mainstream, to EBDs to PRUs etc...

  • Save Your Time

    The process of hiring our staff is straightforward. We work well and fast.

  • Increase Flexibility

    TwithA is very flexible and understanding. Our staff can be hired for a few hours or days per week, everyday for as long you need cover.

  • Positive Results

    Our candidates are dedicated and committed to the school, its students and staff. Our candidates have high expectations and standards.